Debarked Poles


Debarked Poles

NZPoles Debarked Poles (often known as UGLIES) are similar to regular SED Timber poles, only differing in that they are just debarked rather than going through the additional peeling process. The original strength of the log is retained in the pole, and debarked poles are normally 15% stronger than standard peeled construction poles. Debarked Poles can be used as a more cost effective option than regular SED poles, or where additional strength is required by the engineer.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

NZPoles Debarked ‘UGLIES’ are heavy duty construction Poles


Debarked Poles are the strongest and most cost effective poles we sell, ideal for foundations, below the ground applications, and ground stabilisation.

  • H4 CCA
  • H5 CCA (Most Common)
  • H6 CCA
  • H6+ CCA
  • High Density
  • Standard Density


Debarked Poles are most commonly used for ground improvement applications, and are commonly driven into low strength soils to dewater, compact and strengthen the surrounding ground. Debarked Poles are also a cost effective option due to minimal processing compared to our SED Poles and Machine Rounds.

As Debarked Poles have not been peeled, one trade off is that they are not pretty, and have been given the industry term “Ugly” Poles. Therefore they may not be suitable for applications where poles will be exposed or where a visual finish might be required.

UGLIES Size Chart


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