Utility Poles


Utility Poles

NZ Poles sells a standard range of proof tested Radiata Pine utility poles for the Power and Telecommunications market. Our utility poles have been successfully proven in may seperate designations around the Pacific Rim.

Our Utility Poles are tested for stiffness and bending stress – certified and provided with Proof Testing Summary for a batch of tested poles.

Once design input parameters are known, NZPoles will calculate the recommended Ground Line Diameter (GLD), and subsequent Small End Diameter (SED) of the Pole. These poles are then individually tested on a purpose built test bed to ensure strength and stiffness.

Input parameters are typically given as below:

  • Embedment depth
  • Load height from top of pole
  • Pole height
  • Ultimate Top Load rating (kN) or Working Top Load rating with safety factor

Pole Testing reports can be provided to meet BS 1990, AS 1734, AS 2209, NZS 3650


NZ Pole Utility Poles – individually load tested to your KN strength requirements


NZ Poles utility poles are strictly produced to the exacting standards required by our customers, and are physically proof tested to meet or exceed all criteria before delivery complete with a certificate of compliance.


  • Power Poles
  • Telecommunication Poles
  • Treated in accordance with NZS3640 to hazard class H5.
  • Custom treated to H5 ACQ or H5 MCA where required
  • Proof tested using standard 3 point load test or ground line testing.
  • NZ Poles Utilities are typically tested to 3kN, 6kN, 9kN, 12kN loads
  • NZ Poles lengths can range from 6m to 15m

Utility Pole Size Chart


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